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How To Transfer Your Domain to MBS Hosting From Google Domains

This guide will provide you with the information required to transfer your domain to MBS Hosting from Google Domains.

Why Transfer A Domain To Your Hosting Account?

There are several reasons one would want to transfer a domain. At MBS Hosting, we have found most account holders prefer to transfer a domain to us since it is easier to manage everything from a single account, instead of having to manage your domain in one place and hosting account in another. It also makes the propagation and synchronization of the new account to the new IP, nameservers and hosting easier.

At the end of the day though, it is a personal preference whether or not to transfer a domain to a new hosting account.

Who Can Transfer A Domain To Your Hosting Account

Domain transfers are done between hosting providers and/or domain registrars. Anyone who owns a domain though, can request it to be transferred to their chosen hosting company or registrar. No registrar is allowed to keep your domain ‘prisoner.’


Requirements To Transfer A Domain To A New Host Or Registrar

  1. Domain Name & TLD Information
  2. Unlocked Domain
  3. EPP Code

Step-By-Step Guide To Transfer Your Google Domain To MBS Hosting

1 –Unlock Your Google Domain


Login to your Google Domains account, and check if the domain is ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked.’

Google Example Domain Transfer


Click on ‘My Domains.’



Find your domain from the list and click on ‘Manage.’



Click on ‘Registration Settings.’



Go to ‘Domain lock‘ and check if your domain is locked or unlocked. If it is locked, Unlock it.
Domain is Locked Google Domains

Important Note
: It may take several hours for the changes to take effect.

2 – Request EPP Code



Now that you have unlocked your Google Domains it is time to request your EPP / Authorization Code.  Right under the field where you clicked to Unlock your domain will you find the option “Transfer Out.” Click on “Get auth code.”

Transfer Out Google Domains Get Auth Code


Google might ask you to verify your account before you can get your code, do so when prompted.


Great work! Next up, select the option (A) “To a different domain registrar,” and click (B) “Continue.”


Important: Copy the EPP Code to a text or Word document. 

3 – Choose Your Hosting Package With MBS Hosting & Proceed to ‘Signup’

  • Step 3.1 – Choose a MBS Hosting package of your choice.
  • Step 3.2 – Click on the ‘Signup’ button. You will shortly be redirected to the ‘Choose a Domain’ page.
  • Step 3.3 – Choose the second option from the list that will appear, namely: Transfer Your Domain From Another Registrar
    Transfer Domain To New Host
    – Type in the name of your domain.
    2 – Select the TLD (example .com)
    3 – Click on ‘Transfer.’

4 – Status Report: Eligible / Not-Eligible For Transfer

MBS Hosting add ons

Eligible: If your domain is elidable for transfer, it will indicate as such. Click on ‘Continue.’

5 – Choose a Billing Cycle

Review & Checkout MBS Hosting cart

Most MBS Hosting packages are available via a 12-month or 24-month registration period. Select the billing cycle that best suits your needs.

7 – Continue With Next Steps As Prompted

Continue to go through the signup steps as prompted.




Welcome to MBS Hosting!


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